Coaches in Resonance

These coaching sessions will be based in the spirit of the gift economy. After your session, you can provide the coach with a monetary gift via PayPal. If this practice were situated in the market economy, the rates would fall in the $100-200 range. The coaches are happy to accept gifts falling out of either side of this range. Each session is one hour unless stated otherwise.

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A.J. Bond

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The Shame Educator. Shame Ed is the new Sex Ed. Full bio below. Book A.J. here.

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Peter Limberg

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The Daemon Whisperer. Listen to what is most alive to come alive. Full bio below. Book Peter here.


Nathan Vanderpool

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The Attention Artist. Paying attention as a work of art. Full bio below. Book Nathan here.

A.J. Bond. The Shame Educator. About 5 years ago, I had a shame breakthrough that changed my life to such a profound and pleasant degree that I can’t help but try to share it with you and everyone else. To that end, I recently completed my certification as a Shame Healing Practitioner from the Center for Healing Shame in Berkeley. In my private sessions, I create a safe space for clients to share and explore their own shame while providing the larger framework of “Shame Ed”—revealing how shame operates and how to handle it in the most liberating ways. As much as possible, I endeavour to flatten the hierarchy of traditional coaching relationships through my own empathy and sharing. The intention is for you to leave each session feeling seen, equal, and empowered, with new tools and inspiration to manage your shame in a way that adds to your well-being and balances your autonomy and your sense of belonging. Book A.J. here.

Peter Limberg. The Daemon Whisperer. In our sessions, be ready to be seen. For our time together, I will be of service to what is best for you, which is something I do not know, but will be earnest in co-discovering. I will lean on a mix of philosophical counselling, tools from various coaching and therapeutic modalities, along with the cool discernment of Stoicism. I am happy to discuss whatever is most “alive” for you, which is usually the thing where life is. A specialty of mine is interpersonal dynamics.  As a former trainer at Dale Carnegie Training, and an Instructor at the University of Toronto’s Hart House, I have taught many people how to fully show up in relationships and various social settings, with confidence and self-ownership. Book Peter here.

Nathan Vanderpool. The Attention Artist. Why is it so hard to speak up when you know that your team's plan is bullshit? What kind of a romantic partner do you really believe in being? Why can't you stay grounded in certain everyday situations? In our sessions, you'll explore what you pay attention to, what you could pay attention to, and what you don't pay attention to yet. We will map ways of living that inspire you, questions that awaken your curiosity, and/or outdated threats that distort your sense-making. Whether you leave our session with a game, a practice, a mantra, or something completely unexpected, our work together will turn your struggle into a healing piece of art. Book Nathan here.