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The Steward

Peter is a writer, podcast host, and community and event organizer in Toronto, Canada. If you feel inspired to give a monetary gift, please do so here as a one time gift. You can also support Peter and The Stoa by becoming a member of Patreon here.


You can connect with Peter on Twitter.

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Featured Sensemaker

If you feel inspired to give a monetary gift, please do so as a gift to Peter and The Stoa. If you are inspired to work with me, please email me using “the stoa” in the subject line.

Bonnitta Roy is founder of Alderlore Insight Center, Associate of Perspectiva, Associate Editor of Integral Review, and a research associate at the Cynefin Center where she designs sensemaking scans for organizations and community development- see here. She teaches the MA in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology for The Graduate Institute. You can follow her work on Medium, The Side View, Integral Review, EMERGE, Perspectiva and other platforms.




Freyja runs the weekly Relational Exegesis book club at the Stoa. She makes art and software and sees those as different ways of talking about the same thing. She’s currently learning how to earn money through making things with integrity; if you’d like to help with that endeavour you can send her money via paypal here.


Read the short things she writes on Twitter as @utotranslucence (DMs open), and the long things she writes on her blog. You can follow her art, including music and poetry, on Instagram as @art_kinetica.

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Raven hosts Socratic Speed Dating weekly at the Stoa, and facilitates guest speakers and sensemaking sessions. If you feel inspired to give a gift to Raven, you can do so with money via PayPal. For ideas, feedback and good wishes please visit her Twitter. DM’s are open.

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If you wish to gift money, please do so with an ongoing gift here. If you’d like to give a gift of another form, deepen your personal freestyle practice, or bring a freestyle experience to your festival or retreat, email Tyson at


You can view the full Freestyle Campfire schedule and learn more about Tyson’s offerings at To stay in touch, follow Tyson on Twitter.




Arielle Friedman is a writer who bounces between Toronto, Montreal and Mexico. She hosts a podcast called the Multiversity Project and organizes events aimed at tackling the culture war. For updates on what she's up to, subscribe to her newsletter. If you feel called to send Arielle a gift, you can do with Paypal or Bitcoin. Get in touch for whatever reason

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A.J. is a writer, filmmaker, and shame educator based in Toronto. He hosts a podcast about shame called Discomfortable. If you feel inspired to give a monetary gift, please do so as a gift to Peter and The Stoa. You can connect with A.J. on Twitter.

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Daniel hosts weekly sessions where he explores the idea of non-hierarchical “digital gangs” to help people develop sovereignty and respond to the metacrisis. If you feel inspired to support him, feel free to do so via PayPal or DM some feedback on Twitter.




Maybe Gray hosts weekly sessions exploring the intersections between culture, personal and spiritual development, and sexuality. If you’ve got a little crush on her, you can see more of her on Twitter and OnlyFans. If you feel inspired to give a monetary gift, please do so hereIf you are inspired to give Maybe a gift in another form, you can email




More than anything, Collective Presencing is about co-creation, through the process of generative dialogue. If this inspires you, please contact me through


If you wish to gift money, you can go over to the Collective Presencing website, which holds a possibility to offer donations and where you find the e-book.

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If you are inspired to provide a gift to Steve, email Your gift can take the form of money, support, services or ideas. If you wish to gift money to Steve directly, you can do so here. To check out more offerings from Steve go to the Breathing in Nature.