Peter Limberg's Liminal War Articles

"The Liminal War. The confusing, disorienting, and hyper-fragmented battle of narratives in our complex ontology. Where memetic violence turns kinetic. The upgrade of Culture War 2.0. Who wins this creates the future."

The Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0. w/ Conor Barnes.

Medium. September 13th, 2018. Link.

Hippocratic Oath for the Culture War. w/ Conor Barnes.

Areo Magazine. July 9th, 2019. Link.

What Our Politics Needs Now: Anti-Debates. w/ Conor Barnes.

Emerge. October 11th, 2019. Link.

Memetic Mediation: The Hard Problem of the Culture War.*

The Side View. May 20th, 2020. Link.

The Cancel God. w/ Lubomir Arsov.


*Jason Synder's companion piece: 

The Psychodynamics of Memetic Mediation. Link.